Tobias Richter


About the artist:

CGI & Visual Effects Artist

Tobias is a German CGI artist, renowned in fan circles for his early work of fan-art; recently, he has done the book covers for the Cross Cult series Star Trek: Prometheus. In addition to that, he created visual effects for the fan productions Star Trek: New Voyages, Star Trek: Renegades, and Star Trek: Axanar.

Also, his work on the visual effects of fan-made movies and his various “opening movies” for the FedCon – “Federation Convention”, Europe’s biggest Science Fiction Convention. Tobias became more widely known for his highly detailed and accurate close-up CGI builds of the USS Kelvin and the USS Enterprise from the alternate reality movie Star Trek, which he created for a five-minute HD animation for the opening ceremony of the 2009 FedCon, at a time when these were not yet made available to a general public by the franchise.