Alexander Richardson

About the artist:

LCARS Graphic Artist

Alexander first got into Star Trek since 1990/1991. He watched the Star Strek: The Original Series regularly; and then, he discovered The Next Generation and was hooked. Later, he stumbled across Prelude and after watching it, he realized Prelude was something different. This was the Trek that he wanted to see. He considers Axanar the kind of Star Trek that fans have been longing for. 

Alexander has become a mainstay of the Axanar art department. His amazing work on LCARS and the bridge consoles is a driving force in bringing Axanar to life. He is a Sci-Fi fan with a penchant for LCARS graphics.

You can find more of his most amazing pieces, and where these interstellar works came from. Alexander gets a lot of requests, most of which he does for free, and some of those take up a lot of his time–time that he could spend on the paid projects that he does work on. The biggest requests he gets are for poster size MSD, he has set up an ETSY page where you can purchase a vectorized copy of many of his MSDs for printing yourself or for use as desktop background. 


Ex Astris Scienta awarded Alexander with one of their rare Excellentia Awards. 

Contact Information: 


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